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  • In good standing at your home school
  • Teacher Recommendation Letter
    Although there is no length requirement, the recommendation must indicate a teacher’s opinion of the applicant’s academic ability  and enthusiasm to pursue the coursework in a foreign country, in addition to any information that would help !Hola Pánama! gain a better understanding of the applicant.
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  • Transcript required.  I understand that the minimum GPA for academic year or semester programs is 2.8 and the minimum for summer programs is a passing GPA.
  • I confirm that I am mentally, physically and emotionally healthy in accordance with the Hola Panamá  Medical Evaluation Policies.
  1. Using the Hola Panamá website program information, I confirm that my age at time of program departure will fall inside the age range of the program(s) I have expressed interest in.
  2. I understand that applications are accepted on a rolling basis and that programs may fill prior to deadlines.
  3. I understand that submission of this form does not guarantee acceptance to an Hola Panamá program.